Boston Car Accidents Caused by Road Design

shutterstock_192945038-300x199Road safety is a priority for Massachusetts’s local and state government authorities, primarily for health, humanitarian, and financial reasons. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that traffic accidents cause death for over 1 million people every year globally. In Massachusetts specifically, there are an average of about 350 fatal car accidents each year. While driver error accounts for a significant number of Massachusetts car accidents, other factors may increase the likelihood of a collision.

Most research on accident causes focus on three primary significant risk factors:

  1. Human factor and vehicle conditions
  2. Environmental conditions
  3. Technical design of highways

Data on the human factor highlights the judgment errors and deliberate violations drivers make while operating their vehicles. Environmental factors involve the interplay between road accidents and weather conditions on different types of roadways. The environmental factors often overlap with research regarding geometric road design and accidents.

In many car accidents, various contributing factors lead to the ultimate collision. It is critical that injury victims understand that there may be more than one entity responsible for damages after an accident. A recent news report described a fatal Massachusetts head-on collision. According to an initial investigation, a Nissan Rogue driver was driving north when he crossed into the southbound lane in a converging area of the roadway. Both the Nissan driver and southbound driver died from injuries they suffered in the accident, and a passenger suffered serious injuries.

Although weather conditions can enhance road hazards, there are some aspects of a road that make it fundamentally dangerous. For instance, the geometry of an intersection can result in more accidents. A roadway that converges around a bend or suddenly narrows can create dangerous situations for drivers. Moreover, poorly painted lines or broken signs can cause accidents on certain roads. Further, accidents are more likely to occur in areas where the shoulder drop-off drops more than two inches from the roadway’s surface. Finally, potholes, ill-placed objects, and similar conditions can lead to a deadly accident.

The combination of a negligent driver on a dangerous roadway can have disastrous consequences on other road users, pedestrians, and bystanders. An attorney can assist injury victims, and their loved ones determine fault and apportion liability amongst all responsible parties.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Massachusetts Car Accident

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