Boston Construction Worker Killed in Building Collapse

shutterstock_1094276840-300x200Population growth and a red-hot housing market have affected the quality of infrastructure in many northeastern U.S. metropolitan areas In the Boston area, infrastructure improvements have not accompanied population growth and private economic development, threatening the safety of residents and commuters alike. A local news report discusses a recent construction accident in Boston that killed a 51-year-old construction worker and left municipal services disrupted.

According to the local news report, the Government Center Parking garage on Congress Street in Boston collapsed last month while the building was under renovation. The deceased construction worker was operating a piece of heavy equipment on the top floor of the garage when the building partially collapsed, causing the man to fall nine stories to his death. The heavy equipment he was operating also fell and was destroyed, however, the article does not mention any other injuries or deaths.

Hazardous jobs such as construction work have inherent risks that workers generally accept before agreeing to perform a job. By choosing to engage in a risky job or activity, a person may be giving up some rights to the expectation of safety. A worker who chooses to perform a dangerous job does not give up all their rights. If a construction worker is injured or killed in an accident that was the result of the negligence of another person, that person cannot be relieved of liability for their negligence simply by claiming that the job was dangerous.

Construction accidents and the damages they cause may be covered losses under a homeowners’ or property insurance policy. Property insurance may offer coverage that can compensate injured people or their families in the event of an accident or other injury. It may not be necessary to prove any specific acts of negligence resulted in the loss, because some property insurance policies have expansive coverage for many types of injuries or damage that may occur.

In addition to property insurance claims, other personal injury claims may be made against persons unrelated to the insurance policyholder who may have played a role in causing the accident. Liability for a loss is not always black and white, and courts can increase or reduce a party’s damages based on the allocation of fault as determined by the court.

Finding the Right Accident Attorney

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