Joint Liability in Massachusetts Negligence Claims

Massachusetts personal injury cases involving more than one potentially liable party can become complicated when it comes to determining each party’s liability. A defendant’s negligence does not need to be the sole cause of a plaintiff’s injury for the defendant to be legally responsible for the plaintiff’s injury. As long as a defendant’s negligence contributed as a proximate cause of the p

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laintiff’s injury, the defendant is liable. In a Massachusetts negligence case,  joint liability is appropriate when two or more parties negligently contribute to the injury of another through their acts, which operate concurrently, in a way that the damages are inseparable. In such cases, the parties are jointly and severally liable.

Complex questions involving joint liability may arise when considering whether the wrongdoers acted independently of each other, or whether they acted jointly. There are cases in which there is a joint activity of several wrongdoers that caused the plaintiff’s injury, and cases in which more than one wrongdoer acted concurrently to cause the plaintiff’s injury. If a defendant is found to have acted independently of another wrongdoer, the defendant may be responsible for only the harm caused by the defendant’s own actions. In contrast, if a defendant is found to have acted jointly, the defendant could be held liable for all of the plaintiff’s damages. Cases involving more than one liable party can be tricky, because failing to correctly plead and try the case could result in a failure to recover from one or all defendants. Therefore, having an experienced personal injury attorney is essential in these cases.

Methuen Motorcycle Crash Hospitalizes Four Motorists

A recent Massachusetts chain-reaction traffic accident in Methuen resulted in four motorcyclists being hospitalized. According to a local news report, the multi-vehicle crash, which took place on a recent Sunday evening, involved three motorcycles and two cars. A preliminary report found that a motorcycle and a car crashed into each other first, causing two other motorcycles to hit the disabled vehicles.

Evidently, one of the injured motorcyclists was transported to Boston Medical Center for serious injuries, while the other three injured individuals were transported to Lawrence General Hospital, although one was later transported to Lahey Medical Center. The crash occurred on the westbound section of Route 213 in Methuen before Interstate 93. State police reported that the crash was still being investigated by troopers assigned to the Andover Barracks, State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section, and Crime Scene Services.

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