Keeping Massachusetts Pedestrians Safe This Holiday Season

shutterstock_1194126490-300x180Every year, the holidays are often a time for gatherings and celebrations. But for some, the holidays can mean a lot of stress and chaos, and our roads are no exception. With more people out and about for the holidays and an increase in celebrations and gatherings involving alcohol, there may be more pedestrian and car collisions. Thus, Massachusetts pedestrians must remain vigilant to best protect themselves from potential accidents.

According to a recent local news report, a pedestrian died after a fatal car accident. State Police reported that the accident took place on I-291 on Sunday evening and left the left and middle lanes closed. The accident remains under investigation.

With 2022 upon us, celebrations associated with ringing in the new year also mean an increased risk of pedestrian crashes. People may be traveling to unfamiliar areas for gatherings, which may increase the likelihood of collisions. In addition, new year celebrations involving higher rates of alcohol consumed may also be an issue for drivers and pedestrians alike, especially because driving under the influence is one of the main contributing factors or causes of pedestrian accidents.

As a pedestrian, sometimes there is only so much you can do when it comes to accidents. This holiday season, however, these three tips will help you and your loved ones remain proactive so that you can celebrate the new year safely.

First, wearing bright clothing or reflectors if you are going around by foot could alert drivers of your presence on the road. Bright colors such as white, orange, yellow, or neon could make you more visible and make it less likely that a driver misses you when it is dark or hard to see.

Second, if you have to walk in an area without sidewalks, it is best to walk toward traffic rather than against it. Although it may seem counterintuitive, walking toward traffic actually allows both you and the driver to have visibility when you are walking. If you walk in the same direction as traffic, you may not see or be able to avoid an oncoming car and may be struck from behind.

Third, when traveling on foot in the city, always abide by signals at intersections and pay attention to drivers. Sometimes, it’s easy to get impatient and decide to cross the street even if the walk sign is not on because it appears the coast is clear. This is a particularly unsafe practice in a busy metropolitan area because cars could appear at any time. In fact, many cars hit pedestrians at left turn signals with crosswalks because pedestrians either fail to see the car or the car rushes to make a turn without checking for pedestrians first.

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