Massachusetts Construction Site Accidents

shutterstock_1536906239-300x200Construction workers and anyone in the vicinity of a construction site should be aware of the various hazards at these locations. However, despite awareness, safety equipment, and avoidance, these locations are inherently dangerous, and Massachusetts construction accidents continue to result in serious injuries to many people every year. Many construction site accidents involve falling equipment or debris. The most common falling objects include tools, machinery, equipment, materials, supplies, and demolition debris. The height of the fall often makes even small objects a serious danger.

While some accidents are unavoidable, the majority of these situations are preventable and involve negligence. These accidents may occur because of insufficient barricades, insufficient warning signs, improper tool or equipment use, defective equipment, improper stacking, and inspection failures.

For instance, a local news report described a recent accident at a Boston University construction site. According to investigators and University Officials, erector crew errors were to blame for the accident that sent steel beams tumbling. One of the 44-foot beams was improperly constructed, which caused it to fall and slam into other beams. The initial fall resulted in a harrowing domino effect on the construction site.

Establishing liability and apportioning fault in a Massachusetts construction accident involving falling equipment or debris can be a challenging process. These cases require a thorough understanding of complex tort laws. Claimants must establish not only what caused the accident but the triggering events leading up to the culminating event. For instance, maybe a subcontractor initiated a process that caused a stack of lumber to tumble; however, the subcontractor may have been operating on the belief that another contractor properly secured the lumber. In these cases, an attorney can assist claimants in gathering relevant and compelling evidence to establish liability.

In addition to evidentiary issues, these cases often entail complicated procedural and immunity rules that pose barriers to recovery. While some employees may not recover damages against their employers, there might be other avenues of relief available. For example, an independent contractor may file a lawsuit against the contracting company, or an employee may file a claim against the manufacturer or retailer of a defective device that caused the accident. An experienced Massachusetts construction site accident attorney can help individuals determine their rights and remedies in these situations.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Massachusetts Construction Site Accident?

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