One Dead, Six Injured in Massachusetts Accident

shutterstock_459837451-300x200Between 2019 and 2021, the state of Massachusetts saw a 24% increase in traffic fatalities, according to a national transportation research nonprofit. This was faster than the growth of 19% seen nationally over the same time period. 413 people died on Massachusetts roads in 2021, including motor vehicle operators, passengers, motorcycle drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. In the United States as a whole, 42,915 people died in traffic accidents in 2021.

According to a recent article, one woman died and six other people were injured in a multi-vehicle crash in Massachusetts. A Toyota Corolla sedan and Toyota Tundra pickup truck collided head-on. Of the three women in the Corolla, two were transported by helicopter to a hospital with severe injuries, and the third died. All four people, including two children, inside the Tundra were taken to the hospital via ambulance with non-life-threatening injuries. An investigation is ongoing into the cause of the crash.

Wrongful Death in Massachusetts

Many people injured in car accidents know that if the other driver was careless, they can bring a lawsuit for damages to cover expenses associated with their injuries. The families of people who die in lawsuits, however, know that no amount of money can bring back their loved ones. But in many cases, suits can be filed to make the associated costs less taxing on grieving families. Wrongful death claims can generally be brought in any case where the victim could have filed suit for damages for injuries.

In Massachusetts, the surviving members of a victim’s family can bring a claim for wrongful death and associated damages. The victim’s estate will have to prove the elements of a negligence claim, including that the wrongdoer had a duty to the victim, breached that duty, and that breach caused the victim’s death.

The victim’s estate can recover various types of damages to help ease the complications that arise when a loved one suddenly passes. These damages include medical expenses, funeral and burial costs, estimated future lost income, the family’s loss of care or companionship, a spouse’s loss of consortium, and the victim’s pain and suffering before death. The award will be used to pay the remaining medical and funeral expenses before it will be disbursed among family members.

Don’t delay. Families of wrongful death victims have only three years from the time of death or the time of the executor’s awareness of the death to sue for wrongful death. Contact a Massachusetts wrongful death attorney to discuss your claims and any questions you may have.

Do You Need a Massachusetts Wrongful Death Attorney?

If you’ve been injured or someone you know has died in a car accident in Massachusetts, call an experienced personal injury and wrongful death attorney. The Neumann Law Group can represent injured individuals in Boston and beyond and also has offices in Michigan, California, and New York. Our wrongful death attorneys have earned millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for their clients over their careers. Contact our office at 800-525-6386 to schedule a free initial consultation with our team.

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