Several injured in Turnpike chain accident caused by icy roads

Boston, MA – March 1st may be just days away, but there are little signs of spring in Massachusetts. On the contrary, weather forecasts indicate potential winter storms throughout the week. This means dangerous road conditions in the Boston area, similar to those last week when 15 trucks and cars were involved in a chain accident on the Massachusetts Turnpike. Several people were taken to the hospital, some of them in serious condition. According to Massachusetts State Police, the crash was most likely caused by the freezing rain that made for very treacherous driving conditions. Speed restrictions were implemented from the New York border all the way to Boston during the storm.

Although it’s been almost one week since the accident, the investigation continues. If you’re ever involved in a multiple-vehicle accident you need to wait for the police report and then contact seasoned Boston accident lawyers. Recovering damages for this type of crash is extremely tricky as more than one party may be liable for damages. 

What is Massachusetts’ basic speed law?

You don’t have to wait for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to impose speed restrictions during inclement weather episodes. Motorists are required to adjust speed accordingly even without official guidelines. According to Massachusetts General Laws Title XIV, Section 17, “no person operating a motor vehicle on any way shall run it at a rate of speed greater than is reasonable and proper, having regard to traffic and the use of the way and the safety of the public”. 

This makes it possible to hold a driver accountable for damages even if they were below posted speed limits. If there was snow, ice, or sleet, they should have lowered the speed to a reasonable level. 

Things to do after a crash caused by dangerous road conditions

You should have your lawyers investigate such a crash as soon as possible. You cannot rely solely on the facts stated in the police report. For instance, your lawyers will visit the crash scene looking for surveillance cameras that may have captured the crash or at least the moments before it. Keep in mind that this type of footage is often erased so if you don’t act fast you may lose essential evidence. 

At the same time, your lawyers will want to interview witnesses so make sure to get their contact information while at the crash scene.

You should also take photos at the crash scene, capturing the position of all the vehicles involved and the damage to each of them. Such photos can be used if your lawyers decide to bring in accident reconstruction experts. 

If one or more trucks were involved in the crash, your lawyers may want to have a look at them to see if they were properly equipped for winter conditions. If they were not, they may be able to build a case against the trucking company as well as the driver. Trucking companies are responsible for vehicle maintenance and this includes the tires.

Have you been recently injured in an accident in the Boston area?

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