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Massachusetts – January 11, 2023

A tractor-trailer slammed into a low tunnel on the ramp to the arrivals level at Terminals B and C at Boston Logan International Airport on Wednesday afternoon.  The incident occurred on a ramp near the central parking facility. Signage on the tunnel indicates that it has a clearance of 11-feet 10-inches. A similar incident involving another tractor-trailer happened in the same location last October when a big rig got stuck under an overpass at Boston Logan International Airport, creating roadblocks.  A tractor-trailer is approximately 65-75 feet in length and can weigh up to 80,000 pounds when fully loaded, causing any type of crash between it and another moving vehicle, stationary object, or person to be catastrophic and/or fatal in many cases. Life-changing consequences of a big rig accident may include serious personal injuries and losses such as those that cause permanent damage, scarring, incapacitation through physical or mental injury, bodily deformity and loss of life or limb. Talk to a Massachusetts truck accident lawyer if you have suffered loss in a truck accident.

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