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MBTA-accident-300x200Boston, MA – Bridgewater State University sophomore Ava Harlow, 20, sustained severe injuries after becoming stuck underneath a Green Line train shortly after getting off at the BU station. The incident, which happened last Friday at around 11.30 p.m., is the latest MBTA accident to raise questions about the T’s safety record. The young woman had her left leg amputated below the knee, broke her right arm, and sustained a skull fracture. According to her family, she will need a prosthetic leg and her recovery will take months.

As the trolley was pulling out of the station, the victim was knocking on the trolley window in an attempt to garner her friends’ attention. In doing so, the victim took a step in the direction of travel as the trolley, while still knocking on the trolley window and lost her balance falling under the trolley,” an MBTA spokesperson said.

While the Boston transit company seems to place the blame on the victim, the young woman’s father says the accident could have been prevented. 

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