Tractor-Trailer Totals Car After Collision in Massachusetts Breakdown Lane

shutterstock_2148918243-300x207Many drivers take utmost precaution to ensure their vehicles never break down—on-time oil changes, avoiding debris or other sharp pieces on the road, regular maintenance, and inspections, to name just a few steps drivers take. However, many drivers fail to consider what to do if a breakdown or other vehicle failure does occur, which can leave them stranded on the road or in a breakdown lane with little idea of what to do.

According to a recent article, one driver’s quick thinking in the event of a breakdown saved her life. That driver’s vehicle stalled and she pulled into the breakdown lane on a Massachusetts highway. While sitting in her car waiting for help, she noticed a tractor-trailer driving quickly in the breakdown lane and heading straight toward her car. Before that tractor-trailer collided with her vehicle, she exited the car and ran to safety. The collision completely totaled the vehicle and smashed the rear of the car.

The driver of the disabled vehicle escaped the accident injury-free, according to police on the scene, but many Massachusetts drivers aren’t so lucky. Police remind drivers there are steps you can take to maintain your safety in the event of a vehicular breakdown, including getting out of your car and away from the road, if it is safe to do so.

Avoiding Accidents When Your Car Breaks Down

Even with regular maintenance, car breakdowns and flat tires can be inevitable, especially as owners of modern vehicles can have more difficulty fixing technological failures. How can Massachusetts drivers stay safe if stalled or otherwise on the side of the road?

According to Nationwide, Massachusetts police are right to advise drivers to exit the car—out of the passenger door, if possible—and move to safety, particularly behind a guardrail. After getting to safety, setting up reflective triangles or flares, putting on your vehicle’s hazard lights, and putting on a reflective vest or shining a flashlight can alert other drivers to your stalled vehicle to avoid a collision. Having emergency items in your car, such as a first-aid kit, vehicle operating manual, toolkit, emergency service numbers, or a number of car repair or emergency kit items can also help in the case of a breakdown. Of course, if you are unable to exit your car, you can remain seated, turn your hazard lights on, keep your seatbelt fastened, and call for help.

Even if you follow these steps, large trucks and reckless drivers can make roadways unsafe for everyone. If you’re injured after a breakdown, you need a Massachusetts personal injury lawyer to help you with your claims against the other driver.

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